Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Being a Prepper

I admire “preppers”. Taking personal responsibility, taking measures to protect their “people”, and being aware of potential calamities are commendable. My mother, a child of the Depression was, until her mental decline, a prepper. Actually, she was an obsessive hoarder.

There is an undertone among this community that bothers me. They seemingly want a disaster, so that they will be proved right, and everyone else wrong. Gleeful anticipation of others misery and misfortune seems to be a muted theme.

We are a strong, robust country with a large portion of our populations energetic doers. We may suffer declines and reverses, yes, but the end of the world as we know it? Don’t think so. Are there scenarios that will have horrible consequences? Just think of Katrina.

The value in being prepared for adversity is much the same as being armed. Potential tyrants must recognize they can’t control everything. Would you submit to a tyrant if your children were starving? Would you, if your garden, stored food, and successful hunting was keeping them fed?

As always, your mileage and opinions may vary.


Old NFO said...

There is being prepared, and there is being a 'prepper'... Two different views in my opinion.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

NFO Good point; two different mind sets.

Colleen said...

Since we were both in Scouting, we learned "Be Prepared" at an early age. Also, living in an area where snow got deep (and still does), power went out, and animals still needed tending to. I agree with NFO and think being prepared is a good thing. Remember, even moderation can be taken to extremes.