Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get Out The Vote

News that isn’t news? The Colorado Secretary of State estimates 5,000 illegal immigrants voted in the last election. That is about 1 per 1,000 residents. US population around 300,000,000. Same ratio; 300,000 or so illegal’s voted in the last election cycle nationwide.

Off on a trip to old Dixie tomorrow for a week. May not have computer access. Will catch up on return


Colleen said...

Maybe some citizens will be it together and VOTE instead of just sitting around and complaining about what other people are doing. Present company excepted of course since we were raised with the mantra " if you don't vote you can't b***h".

Have a safe trip.

Old NFO said...

I'd almost believe that number is low...I know in Texas they were busing the illegals to the polls! Travel safe!

Pens Of The abyss said...

Be carefull, im leaving for omaha sunday, then back a week, then, atlanta, back a week, then to ohio and west virgina. Call me if you get bored on the road.