Sunday, June 9, 2019

Hypocrites To The Right, Hypocrites To The Left, Tongues Waging

With apologizes to Alfred, Lord Tennyson, once again off on a rant.

 Breathless article in the (P)regressive propaganda rag, aka Denver Post, declaring Shannon Watts, “Moms Demand Action” the NRA’s worst nightmare.


 If she and her group didn’t exist the NRA would invent her, or something like her, to fuel their never ending quest to raise money to 'fight' for the 2nd Amendment and, at the upper levels, live high on the hog.

 Likewise, without Bloomberg’s money, Shannon Watts would be just another mother of five with an expanding ass. From her pictures, she seems to have acquired some high priced fashion and makeup talent.

I know most of the ten readers of this blog are NRA members and I recognize the good the NRA does in terms of firearm safety, training range officers, etc. If I could support that, and nothing else, I would renew my membership.

When President Trump, a friend of firearm owners, took office, the GOP controlled both the House and Senate. Yet, the National Reciprocity Act the NRA supposedly advocated (and raised money off the issue) didn’t get it done. Why? My opinion, they didn’t want to lose a lucrative fund raising issue.

I was briefly swayed after the Parkland debacle and still get the inflammatory emails and offers to enter contests for poor quality merchandise (which they will happily sell me) with their logo stamped all over it.

 Sorry, I don’t care to have people know if I’ve replaced any firearms after my tragic boating accident or that my untended parked vehicle(s) might be worth breaking into. YMMV

So Ms. Watts has written a book and was signing copies at Denver’s Tattered Cover Book store (a place I have dropped serious money in the past) and her hypocrisy was on full display. Armed guards were everywhere to ‘protect’ her precious hide with a secondary mission of keeping the Deplorables at bay. Great theater for the gullible and her fellow travelers. I doubt any firearm owner would bother to waste ammo on her.

(P)regressives want firearms gone, period. Not that they care a rat’s ass about gang bangers offing each other, no, they don’t want the Deplorables able to shoot their power seeking asses. Dominion over the masses without a risk to their privileged asses is the goal.

They bleat about 100 people a day dying from ‘gun violence’ (in a country whose population is more than 316,000,000).  How many people in the USA die every day from malnutrition? Not as glamorous a problem, but one with solutions. If they care so much about lives, why aren’t they working on this problem?


Ami said...

I've lost count of the celebrities and politicians who demand action against 'gun violence' while being protected by firearms and swaggering twats, er, people with the secret hope they get to use those firearms. This person doesn't even count as a celebrity, though.

I have friends/family members who are constantly posting "HEY! LOOK AT ME!! I am a PROUD GUN OWNER and supporter of the 2nd amendment!! Share if you agree!"

Dumb shits.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You get it!

Howard Brewi said...

Well I don't know how it is in other areas of flyover country but one older lady in the church I go to was telling us about having to draw her weapon to get a young fellow who she saw trying to break into her son's house next door to leave. Since the Trooper post is thirty miles away and the Troopers are just as likely to be a hundred or more miles out on patrol in one of four directions he had no respect for a shouted "I'll call the cops." Not to mention the bears I have chased off my pourch. Us deplorables need our guns.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

They are a tool. As a wee lad, saw my 5' mother use a Model 94 .30-.30 to dissuade a hobo from whatever he planned. We didn't even have a telephone at the time.

LL said...

Of the people who die from gun violence, most are suicides.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

True, that. Not talked about because it detracts from their narrative. Just a few cities (Sweet Home Chicago, etc.) contribute the majority of other firearms deaths.

Old NFO said...

Those who want guns gone always have 'protection' with guns... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...