Friday, June 14, 2019

Could Have Gone South In A Hurry

The police seldom know what they might come up against. How do you train for something like this?

Missile Park was the site of an Atlas missile silo about eight miles WNW of Greeley, CO in Weld County.

 Weld County has something like 23,000 oil and gas wells. Of course, not all are active. The county ranks around 11th of all USA counties for petroleum production and produces 2/3rds of Colorado’s petroleum.  Energy production and storage sites are everywhere including Missile Park.

Not much happens out there. A few live there in their RVs until they are told to move on. It is a popular spot at night for car romances. The road dead ends and only a few houses are out that way.

Hats off to the LEOs that managed to, liberally, defuse the situation with no loss of life.


LL said...

Police work is not an easy job when it's done properly.

Fredd said...

Easy, just roll an M1 Abrahams tank into position, blast the door with a round from the main gun, let the smoke clear. Then toss in maybe 10 to 15 fragmentation grenades, you know, to tidy things up a bit.

Then enter. I don't see a problem.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Too true

No Armour in the area, but there is a National Guard Artillery Battalion two towns away.

Sisty said...

The underground site is used for storing County documents and archives. The area took a direct hit 11 yrs. ago during our big tornado and one of the campers out there lost his life. Only fatality of an F4 storm.

Fredd said...

Artillery would work just fine, too. With the one little glitch that finding any remnants of the bad guys would be problematic. Then again, just bulldoze the site after it has been shelled into the stone age, plant some trees, there you go.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Only casualty? How about my blue truck?

Sisty said...

It was still running. Not well, but running. Just dents and broken windshield.