Saturday, June 1, 2019

Steamer Fans Heads Up

The UP 4014 "Big Boy" will return this summer to Pomona, CA. The schedule hasn't been determined but you can get alerts by signing up at this site.

Probable route? Across Wyoming to Utah, South through Utah and Nevada, then Cajon Pass and on to Pomona. This was the route when the UP brought 4014 from Pomona to Cheyenne five years ago.

Return route? Speculation, they could go North to Emeryville and then over Donner Pass to Reno and on to Salt Lake City. What would be extra special if, from SLC, they take the old D&RG route over Soldier Summit and on to the Moffat Tunnel and Denver.

The UP has announced they want their steamers to tour their network in the years ahead. 

Steam engines as attractions are making a comeback all over the country. Many efforts are on YouTube. A Golden Age for railfans?


LL said...

Why is it headed back to Pomona?

drjim said...

Probably to show it off after I sat there unloved for 25 years!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

It was originally given to the museum in Pomona. Five years ago it was swapped for a historical diesel. Part of the deal was the UP would bring it back for a fund raiser for the museum.

Isn't that from you neck of the woods before you CALEXITed?

drjim said...

Pasadena isn't too far from Long Beach. About 25 miles North, but it can take two hours to get there!

Old NFO said...

Lovely Hwy 60 to Pomona... sigh And glad to hear it is going to be 'on the road', so to speak.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Even for a Rocky Mountain lad Cajon Pass will get your attention. Must admit my CA geography is weak.

drjim said...

I've driven over Cajon Pass numerous times driving out of and back into SoCal. Yep, it's a looong upgrade. It's 'only' about 4000', but Good Gravy can it get windy!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My old Towncar was working hard.