Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Recent posts have been on the warm and fuzzy side. Back to a rant.

After reading the editorials posing as news reporting by the AMM (h/t BZ) about the current ‘turmoil’ in the White House and Homeland Security, you get the impression the AMM still doesn’t get President Trump. 

He is a businessman. In business, if you can’t get the job done the way the boss wants it done and you are not shielded by a union, you shouldn’t be surprised to be fired.

Maybe the AMM’s hatred of President Trump comes from having to learn a new viewpoint and challenge to their entrenched mindset.

I remember vividly to this day a lesson, as a smart ass thirty something, I was taught by a sales manager when I worked for a major outboard motor manufacturer. Sitting on top of every performance chart, I made the mistake of telling the big boy, “I sure would be hard to replace”.

“Listen, jack off”, he replied. “When I replace you one of three things will happen. Your replacement will do a worse job, or as good a job, or a better job. In any case, the odds are two to one in my favor and I’ll go to Vegas with those odds any day”.

Not too long afterwards, I moved on, realizing corporate America wasn’t for me. Kind of like being a zebra in a herd of unicorns if you will. Blame it on my land pirate genes (h/t  LL).

To get back to the point, a hard nosed businessman, or businesswoman, won’t tolerate mediocrity. Get the job done the way they want it done or vete, irse a, vamoose. Turmoil? Part of the necessary process.

Do I pity the poor reporter having to develop a new perspective on reporting the news? Please! Suck it up cupcake.

Cue the “Yeah, but” choir. “That is the way we’ve always done it. All it needs is a few tweaks (which won’t cause me brain damage) to keep on working”.

On a personal level I don’t like President Trump. That said, I think he is doing a great job against huge obstacles and hope he will run again in 2020.

As always, YMMV.


drjim said...

Yeah, he's a pompous blowhard, but he's sure taking care of business.

Well Seasoned Fool said...


Coffeypot said...

Can you imagine what would happen if just one major media outlet got totally behind him? The others would have to follow or lose reader/viewership. The Dems would fold into nothing. I even like him personally, not that I have been fondled by him or Slow Joe. I just like his moxie. Continue MEGA 2020!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My dislike goes back to early years of being around rich kids and their parents when my parents were involved in summer camps where the rich dumped their kids. Personal shortcoming, perhaps. Over the years I've worked with people I personally loathed but were competent. That is my personal benchmark.

LL said...

As a business owner and employer, if you don’t hack it, you’re gone. It’s always hard to make payroll and nobody outside government can carry dead weight.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Too true, and many of his appointments should know that.