Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Peakview Trails Follies

More Peakview Trails news. Seems the concrete contractor's people broke some plumbing already installed while pouring the first floor slab. Rather than having the plumbing contractor make repairs, their crew did it themselves.

The above picture is the plumbing contractor repairing the repair. The mind boggles. One guess as to who is the master plumber and who is the apprentice.

With summer coming, some residents are concerned about a/c. Seems it hasn't been hooked up. 

Lucky me, I live on the third floor. Some insulation wasn't up to the winter temperatures and several pipes froze and broke. The damage was confined to the fourth floor. My upstairs neighbor had a few nights in a motel while her apartment was repaired. She was not a happy camper!

One bright spot is the resident building maintenance man. He does a great job and is quick to respond to any problem. He did fray my "man card" by having to show me how to reset a circuit breaker. My excuse? I've never seen the type used in this building.

Had a business trip to Sterling, CO in NE Colorado last week the day after a spring blizzard come through. Had to bypass on of my favorite places.

Mud. Even the gravel county roads are treacherous when soaked. Best to have good mud tires and 4wd, neither that equip my Taurus.

Ah, summer will be here soon enough.


drjim said...

Oh, boy...now that the building is occupied, we get to see the results of "low bidder" construction work.

Good to hear your on-site guy is a good one. Makes life much easier.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Where was the building inspectors?

drjim said...


Probably kicking back somewhere having a beer.

LL said...

Explain to the electrician that you understand fuses and vacuum tubes.

I used that line on a kid who fixed my AC last summer. He asked, “what’s a vacuum tube?”

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sounds about right

Like me talking about punch cards. Huh!

Old NFO said...

Interesting that the A/C doesn’t work, considering it is a REQUIREMENT to get a COO... sighhh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Said they were waiting for warmer weather. Helps when it is a government agency leasing the building.

Anonymous said...

At least it gives you fodder for your blog and the ladies downstairs.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You don't say?