Sunday, April 7, 2019

Rainbow Bridge

No, not that Rainbow bridge. This one.

Located just off I-76 in Ft Morgan, CO. Built in 1923 it has withstood the many South Platte River floods. 

Note the metal thieves have taken one small plaque but haven't managed the whole plaque.

A new wider and stronger (and ugly) bridge has replaced it for Highway 52 traffic.

A favorite spot of mine to stop and stretch when I was running the medical courier route, it never fails to make me smile.

What, you were expecting a political rant? Stand by.


LL said...

I have places like that one that I like to stop at. I don’t know why I like them. I just do.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Those places add a little jest to life.

Since that bridge is about 1/4 mile from the sugar beets factory, your sinuses can be cleared at the same time.

Old NFO said...

Those old bridges have a sense of style sadly missing today.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

And durability.

LSP said...

Much better looking than the ugly new one. Too bad the rainbow's been hijacked by the enemies of civilization.

Well Seasoned Fool said...