Sunday, March 17, 2019


Do (P)regressives get off on knowing a large portion of the electorate loath them? Do they take perverse pride in shoving their agenda up everyone’s ass? Ah, WSF, rhetorical questions. They are mean girls and bullies (or bullied) grown into adulthood, IMO.

Looking ahead to 2020, some painful lessons can be drawn from the recent Colorado elections where the (P)regressives took every, repeat every, state office. True, Polis spent $20 Million of his own money. True, outside PAC monies flowed freely into the state. What no one seems to talk about is the (P)regressives out worked the staid, set in their ways, Republicans. OK, they were being paid. I get that. Doesn’t mean the GOP wasn’t out hustled.

Look for the ‘Colorado Model’ to be implemented nationwide for the 2020 elections. Want proof? What party controls the House of Representatives.

Where the citizens of Colorado did get engaged was defeating Propositions 112, the move to stop drilling in Colorado by means of oppressive regulations. True, the petroleum industry put up money for yard signs and advertising but the opposition was a grass roots effort. The vote, statewide, was 57% against. IMO, this shows the (P)regressives can be beaten.

Three Boulder Democrats have sponsored legislation that will certainly pass and Polis will sign into law that is Prop 112 written large. Their position? We have the power and we are going to use it. Where have we heard that before?

Jon Caldara nails it down. Courageous man, he lives in Boulder.

Do these three Boulderites care what happens to the rest of the state? Hah, trust funders to the core, the lot of them.

Also on their agenda is “Red Flag” laws. Already the 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement is sweeping rural Colorado with most sheriffs vowing to not enforce those laws.

6th Amendment? Just words on paper to the (P)regressives. They have a “higher” moral calling. Just ask them.

Folks on the right like to make noise about who has the guns, etc.  Do you have the will to use them? Are you organized? You have the entire deep state working to insure you can’t. Get real.

Will the GOP get their shit together? The Jeb!s, the Romneys, the McConnels, etc., will stand for decency, honorable debates and the rest of their excuses. Not a warrior in the bunch. Meanwhile, the (P)regressives are channeling their inner Al Davis ghost, “Just win baby, win”.

At the national level there is one warrior standing against the (P)regressives, President Trump.

So what can one citizen do? Try this. Become an election judge. Find out how. If most precincts have one or more honest election judges, some of the (P)regressive’s efforts will be nullified.

I’ve been there. It is a grueling day filled with conflict and unpleasantness but it is a way for one citizen to make a difference.

Take the fight to the bastards!


Ami said...

I am so sad about what Colorado has become.
But then I look around and realize that everywhere has turned into this.
There is no thought. Only winning one for the team.
I've never been very good at the whole rah-rah team thing, maybe that's the source of some of my cynicism.

drjim said...

Drop me a line with more info on the election judge stuff. Kali was too far gone by the time we left, but maybe I can help slow things down here.

Between the Prop 112 nullification and the "Popular Vote" legislation we just got rammed up our a$$, Polis needs to be recalled.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

It is sad.

In general, election judges are put forth by the political parties. If the GOP is a fit, let them know.
In Colorado, elections are supervised by the County Clerk and Recorder. A personal visit to their offices asking questions would be a start, the sooner, the better.

I would encourage folks in other states to follow the same path, especially if you live in a Democrat dominated precinct. Be prepared for a fight!

drjim said...

Cool. The County Clerk's office impressed me every time I've had to go there.

I'll drop in next week.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good luck. Perhaps a post on your experience?

Old NFO said...

Excellent point! Can't let them win by NOT participating!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

One way of distracting them and defending a position they aren't expecting to defend.