Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Free Tune Up

Just a ways up Boulder Canyon from Boulder is Magnolia Drive, or Road, that snakes around and comes out between Nederland and Rollinsville. The first seven or so miles are up to 14% grade with many ’10 mph’ corners. No letup – all uphill. My work took me to a house eight miles up the road.

Drove my old Mitsubishi Mighty Max and, for the first time, saw the temp gauge needle climb to 2/3rds. Never in regular driving does it go over 1/3rd. Seven miles, 1st gear mostly, with a high engine temperature must have blown out some carbon and cobwebs as it has noticeably quicker acceleration. Of course, with just 2.0 liters, it isn’t an accelerating monster, but I can tell the difference.

What, WSF, you were in Boulder? Alas, yes. In my defense I was being paid. Surely you don’t think I would drive through that freak show on my own volition?

My client/employer was in a bit of a bind and I had agreed to help them out. From trust fund central I then proceeded to Denver’s Westside barrio. Interesting how gentrification is nibbling around the fringe.

My last call was out East near DIA. Got to ‘enjoy’ both I-25 and I-70 mid afternoon. Once again, was reminded how dismal Colorado drivers are in heavy traffic. Give me LA anytime.

Later on wide open I-76 saw something bizarre. A F250 with some ranch name on the door and Texas plates going 15 mph under the speed limit. My guess is the driver stole it. Certainly not a native Texan.  Weather was not a factor.

On a personal note, had my second VA visit. This doctor didn’t disappoint. He hit every checkmark on the dickhead list along with the personality of a wet diaper. Still, I’m getting an appointment in three weeks at the Cheyenne VA Hospital for tests. Baby steps.

There is a huge storm coming through but the worst is to the North. This one could be a real cattle killer. I have nowhere I need to be and a full refrigerator but I have vivid memories of surviving these storms in the past and feel great empathy for those in the path.

Many relatives and good friends are at risk.

There is a grim, but true saving: “This country can kill you”.


Ami said...


Go watch. Memorize it. Sing for the next doctor. And other people as needed.

I have driven in lots of places. Big cities, small towns all over the place. Worst drivers I've ever seen were in Seattle. But there are idiots everywhere. Sadly.

And your 'I'm not a robot' thing has started asking me to click pictures. Over and over ad nauseam. It's kind of a pain in the ass.

drjim said...

Driven in Big City, USA many times. It's easy to spot those used to heavy freeway traffic, and those who aren't. Rural driving is completely different. It's no fun to go barreling over a hill and run right smack into John Deere.

Good to hear your trip went well. We blasted down to DIA in about 75 minutes. Solo return took longer because I hit all the 3PM traffic through FoCo. Took 40 minutes to get from the I-25 Harmony off ramp to my driveway, while it only took 20 minutes on the way out.

Yup. Gonna be a Real Good Day to just stay home and do inside stuff.

LL said...

You left me hanging. What was wrong with your ride?

Just hunker down and let the storm pass. At least you don't have to be out driving in this crap for a living anymore.

Coffeypot said...

+1 on LL. Grab a few good books or porn taps and enjoy the warmth of you new digs. Just hope the web stays on. Gotta keep up with the blogs and FB, ya know.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Having lived in the Seattle area for 18 years I can't argue about Seattle drivers.

Ft Collins traffic engineering sucks. My back door is Carpenter Road (Hwy 392) off I-25, West to 287/College.

The Taurus is having 'issues'. Wants to suddenly stop running. Some damn component, probably a verdamnit fusible link, that I can't immediately track down. Need an older scanner. Last year before the OBD-II plug in so you can't use the free check from your friendly auto parts store.

Have a plan but on hold due to inclement weather. We got hit with freezing rain and now it is snowing.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Just heard from my sister, the insurance adjuster. Bundled up, 4wd engaged, and heading North to a multi-vehicle pileup on I-25 about 15 miles South of the Wyoming line.

Old NFO said...

Hunker down and let the idjits idjit on their own. Hope sis is okay!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

She got back around 11pm. Had an 'adventure'. Said it was a,"Two Hands On The Wheel" day.