Saturday, March 2, 2019

Nostalgia Brunch

Drjim gives a good weather report for our area.

Decided to make hamburger gravy for brunch.  Reminded me of some Army breakfasts circa 1960’s.

We would be in the field, cold German winter, and the cooks in the mess truck would make hamburger gravy, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and toast.

I would take out my canteen cup and layer toast, hash browns and scrambled eggs topped off with hamburger gravy. Then the canteen cup went back into the carrier and the food would stay hot for several minutes.

Being a trooper with my shit together I had three canteens (bought two). The second canteen cup and cover was for coffee. The third was a backup.

Other than the dreaded Consolidated Mess Hall, I ate well in the Army. Part of that, I believe, was the cooks lived in the same barracks/tents as the troops they were feeding.

Soon it will be time to clean off the car and run errands. Two of the ladies in our building have asked me to take them to the grocery store (social security was paid out yesterday).


LL said...

You old charmer, a double/tag team event.

Feed them SOS and beer to make them feel loved.

drjim said...

I was going to mention SOS, but LL beat me to it!

Snowing like crazy (1315) right now. I'm in full 'Winter Battle Rattle', and preparing to go move some snow.....

LL said...

Don't worry about moving snow, DRJIM (or WSF - who is likely off on the town with his two women) The glaciers will move south no matter how you try to stop them ;^)

Old NFO said...

Ah, SOS... Still eat it when I find it. And you're gonna be up to your... in ladies if you keep going like this!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Reminds me of going back to college after the Army. I had the ultimate babe attracter, a place of my own (no roommates) with a washer and dryer.

Hope the snowblower works better this storm.

The ratio in this building, other than married couples, is about 5 to 1.

Flugelman said...

Loves me some SOS. My bride makes hamburger stroganoff to serve over rice or noodles. Guess what happens with the leftovers? Next morning's breakfast, a piece of toast, two eggs over medium, and a scoop of leftover stroganoff. Heavenly...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sticks to your ribs.