Friday, March 29, 2019

About To Get Real

Seems this travesty will soon be law in Colorado.

The majority of Colorado's 54 County Sheriffs have said they will not enforce it.

The 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement is gaining momentum. 

Several recall campaigns are underway.

Under the radar, a group I know of, but not as a member, is compiling a list of every person eligible to file a red flag petition on every legislator who voted for the red flag law. The criteria for who can file is extremely broad. 

The plan is for one or more petitions to be filed against every legislator who voted for this the day it becomes law.

It should be noted Gov. Polluted has/had a restraining order before he changed his name some years back.

What say you? Is that a plan or what?


Unknown said...

I like it. Use their own weapon against them.

drjim said...

Yup....let them know how it feels to be one of their constituents.

Wonder if all their bodyguards are clean.....?

Old NFO said...

That will be 'interesting' to watch... I need more popcorn!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Haven't seen so many pissed off people since 2013 and the magazine ban that drove Magpul to Wyoming and Texas.