Sunday, July 1, 2018

Making a Statement

This gentleman seems to have opinions, and is willing to share.
A new client had an assignment 26 miles up the Poudre Canyon on Highway 14. Was a nice, relaxing drive as no one was in front of me. Often you are stuck behind some mindless dolt even though there are slow vehicle turnouts every mile or so. The following are just some random pictures.

The area has been hit hard by beetles and fires. Imagine having to fight fires in that terrain! 

Saturday turned out to be a 20 hour, 560 miles driven, day. Pleases me I can still hack it but not without a lot of pain.

Four hours into my sleep cycle was up rubbing leg cramp cream into a thigh and a calf, drinking even more water, and drinking a glass of pediatric electrolyte.

Fuck this getting old shit!
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