Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Going 4th

Wandering around the local festival which is kind of a big deal in these parts, pard.

Needed my Indian fry bread fix.

Putting my charm to work on the ladies.

Fuck off, dude.

Hated this as a car salesman. Leave me at the store and hire a bunch of bimbos in bikinis to pass out brochures, thank you very much.

Maybe six other people were wearing long sleeve shirts. SPF 50 and a large brim hat are your friends.


drjim said...

I'm guessing you're at the Stampede. Been hearing ads for it and seeing it in the local newspapers.

Looks like fun, and probably nowhere near as crowded as the Big One up in Cheyenne.

The wife and I will calendar it for next year. We'd both like to see a rodeo, but don't to be around the crowds in Cheyenne.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I avoid Frontier Days and the National Western. Prefer the smaller venues. Many of the county fairs have rodeos.
Much smaller on the rodeo side but strong on authentic animal husbandry and area agriculture. Craig, CO is a few miles away and accommodation less spendy than Steamboat.

A bigger rodeo but the same flavor in Craig.

LL said...

The Indian fry bread is one of my favorites. You can't get it in CA, but you can in AZ, and obviously in Colorado. Happy Independence Day.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Somewhat hard to find in Colorado outside of the Four Corners area. There is only one Native American restaurant along the Front Range and that is in Denver. Some of the Mexican restaurants offer sopapillas as a dessert item. Not quite the same to my taste.

drjim said...

Talked to the daughter-in-law about local rodeos yesterday when the were here.

She grew up here, and knows of quite a few. She said when she was a kid, they'd go to the Sundance Steakhouse out on Mulberry where they had a small arena in the back. Grad school and high-school kids who were budding rodeo stars would come out to get their first real experience with being in the arena.