Saturday, July 21, 2018


Big whoop in the local daily rag about a yuge water project set to go.


Yep, fourteen years in the making. The Army Corp of Engineers finally got off their asses. Implication is the project is near shovel ready. Fat chance. Soon the, “Friends of the albino prairie dogs”, or other such groups will file suit. Another five to ten years of permit gathering, betcha.


Every Saturday I drive US 85 North from Cheyenne to the intersection of  Wyoming 151 then East. WY 151 becomes Nebraska 88 and dead ends at NE 71 where I turn North and go to Scottsbluff.

You will be hard pressed to find a more open road with numerous passing opportunities including dedicated passing lanes. Still, I get tailgaters sitting on my ass one second behind.

 Consider, I’m paid by the hour and don’t work for Monfort so any speeding tickets are on me. Ergo, I have no incentive to speed and some asshole on my bumper isn’t pushing me one mile faster on cruise control. The speed limit is 70 mph and my speed, verified by my Magellan, is 73 mph, one mile below the authorities’ tolerance point. All these people are doing is making me spend time checking them in the mirror instead of watching ahead for Bambi. Truly, people baffle me.


A man I worked with for years like to say,

 “Intelligent people, given enough factual information, can change their mind”.

He was wrong. Intelligent people are more likely to believe, “It is a FACT, I said it”.

Countries are always interfering in other elections. What has come out so far is the Russian effort was laughable. Their bribing of Hillary and Bill, on the other hand, was quite successful, in my opinion based on facts others have gathered. YMMV


Feverishly wanted by the deep state operators who never though their chicanery would see the light of day. An eight year Trump presidency might eventually shed some light on the $500+ million missing at HUD. We will see the movers and shakers become the cockroaches running from the light. Blue wave?  How about a red tide?

So  how was your week?


About the “Monfort” remark. When the Monfort family was still owners of meat processing plants, they provided their drivers with overpowered trucks and paid their speeding tickets. Truckers soon began to call the inside Interstate Highway lane, “The Monfort lane”.

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