Monday, July 16, 2018

Time Sink

What a time trap this Internet can become. This morning reading the Greeley Tribune online and the weekly “100 Years Ago”, came across this item.

A Denver man was arrested in Greeley for possession of 15 gallons of whiskey. His car, a Drummond Eight, had a large copper tank hidden under the rear seat with a faucet coming out underneath. His customers could fill their whiskey glasses by holding them under the auto.

Drummond Eight? Never heard of it. Google and Bing to the rescue.

Along the way looked at this site. Big mistake.

Beechcraft made automobiles! Yep, two in 1948. Aircraft engine driving a generator driving electric motors at the wheels.

Glanced at the clock and realized I had twelve minutes to make a 10 am appointment. Started looking at all this “stuff”  just after 7 am.

Damned fool supplement

Neighbor, mid 40’s, beta male with a drinking problem parks next to me in our assigned spots. A casual acquaintance but he asked me for car buying advice. After some discussion, referred him to an old colleague who fixed him up with a nice ride.

A month later?

Shit for brains still drinks and drives.

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