Thursday, July 5, 2018


Pushed the limits yesterday and the body said, whoa! Intermittent sleep leads to a rambling blog posting.


Do stupid things, win stupid prizes. Consider this, now deceased, local. About as clean an intersection as you will find. Warning signs galore. A jowl shaker.

Then we have this rocket scientist who never learned, “Don’t go bothering something that ain’t bothering you”.

All the others involved aren’t too bright either.

Their contribution to society must be bad examples. Some may learn from their examples. Nah, dumb shits will be dumb shits.


Because when you pull the trigger they fire. Consider the case of 82 year old Anna Mae Blessing of Arizona. Upset with the idea her 72 year old son might put her in a care facility; she shot him twice, fatally. Lost in the clutter of details is the revolver she used was last fired, according to her, in the 1970’s.


Ban or no, fireworks were going off in my neighborhood yesterday. Sounded puny compared to the overhead thunderstorm.

A bad year again in Colorado. The screen shot is just major fires. 

 Many more smaller fires.

Every state has fires but I only live in one. Part of nature, in the long view, but in the short view let’s blame Al Gore.

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