Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter Weather

Don’t like Colorado weather?  Just stick around awhile.

Last winter’s heavy snowfall, 160+ above median in many areas, is followed this year by less than half of median. Immediately impacted are the ski areas that can’t open because they have no snow. The many workers who depend on those jobs are hurting.

Along the Colorado Front Range it is worse, or better, your opinion may differ.

The last two summers have seen Wyoming staying green all summer. Doubt that happens in 2018.

In the mountain valleys winters are judged by the number of barbed wire strands covered. A “three wire” winter is normal. Last winter the posts were covered. This year is shaping up to be a “one wire” winter.

There will be far less winter kill of wildlife. Assuming adequate rainfall in the summer the deer herds should come back.

Low snow pack means low water come summer. Rivers become creeks and reservoirs start draining to water crops. Devastating to aquatic critters  and birds.

Nature’s cycles do provide opportunities for the climate change crowd to advance their various agendas. The planet is some 4-5 billion years old and homo sapiens have inhabited it for some 300,000 years. What impact a sub Corte of self serving “experts” will have on controlling planet change is laughable. I do agree we should, as a species, try not to foul our nests.

Forecast is for another weak storm today or tomorrow. Should make Monday’s route a pain. Small storm or major blizzard doesn’t make much difference in my job.  

Easy winter.

Bad Winter. 

 That is my youngest son with the shovel.  With his medical retirement from the Army, he is firmly planted in South Carolina. Wonder why?


LL said...

Even a small storm can mean icy roads. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

All storms can get you in trouble. Over the years I've striven to never be complacent. Condition Yellow, if that is appropriate.

The section of US 26 from Gurnsey to Scottsbluff has a collection of dumb shit drivers that require my full attention. Worse, when it is icy.

Old NFO said...

There is 'winter' and then there is WINTER!!! Sigh...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

And you are seeing the bad one in your new town.