Saturday, January 13, 2018

Seasonal Exhaustion

Feels like the muse is on hiatus. Nothing exceptional going on.

As a Blue Dog Democrat, one of the few Democrats I’ve voted for is a local State Representative, Dave Young. Found him to be focused on solutions. Now he is running for State Treasurer and already he has lost my vote by going full (P)regressive. Wants to “fix” TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights) among other (P)regressive hot buttons. Guess he is looking at fund raising. Whee, a firebrand for State bean counter. Can’t you just sense the excitement?

The term limited Republican hasn’t done a bad job. The job is collecting taxes, making disbursements, and balancing the books. The only grey area is investing the State’s moneys (rainy day funds, pension reserves, etc). The current Treasurer hasn’t invested in Ponzis or run off to Las Vegas.  Nothing unsound in the way the office has operated.

Just for once I would like to see a candidate say,

“The incumbent has done a decent job. I feel I can do better by ………….”

Oh no, Young has come out of the box with the negatives, the insinuations and the scare rhetoric. Pisses me off.

That might fire up the “base”, but it won't appeal to the voters who just want someone competent counting the State’s beans.

Governor Wishywashy gave his final State of The State address to the new Legislature. If bored out of your gourd, you can read about it.

With the House in the Dems hands, and the Senate GOP, we should have a repeat of the last “nothing accomplished” session.

Maybe things will pick up and I will have something interesting to say. Or not.


Why nothing is accomplished IMO.