Sunday, February 26, 2017

Political Wilderness

I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat. Will Rogers

This post is a long and personal political  ramble intended for the few relatives who read my blog. Anyone else may be bored to tears. You have been warned.

See where Tom Perez was elected head of the DNC. He promptly appointed Keith Ellison Deputy Chair. Yawn.

I’m of that disappearing demographic, a Blue Dog Democrat. Raised in Republican household, I was always around politics. My father was, for a time, the county chairman as was an uncle (in a different county).

The path to becoming a Democrat started with having an autistic child. Moving to Washington State put us in conflict with the school system. My wife became heavily involved in handicapped issues and the original draft of the Washington Education For All Act was written on our dining room table. She then worked for three years to get it passed. Should add she never got credit, not that she sought it.

I was a delegate to the county conventions as a Republican but became angry by the prevailing attitude of, “I got mine, fuck you, and I will get yours if I can”.

Found I had much more in common with the Democrats. Became for a time a precinct committeeman.

The Republicans had lukewarm chicken ala king at the Holiday Inn. The Democrats partied at a longshoreman’s bar.  After my marriage ended, found the Democrat functions were a great resource  for my romantic life.

Fast forward to moving to Colorado in 1997, starting to attend Democrat Party functions, and becoming active. OK, then came Obama. I didn’t vote for him. Prior to that election, the last Republican I voted for was Gerald Ford. I disliked Obama as being  part of the Chicago machine. Listening to him, thought he was all hat and no cattle. Didn’t take a stand as a Senator. Voted, “Present”. What kind of gutless position is that?

 Now he is elected. With his first cabinet nominee, Eric Holder for AG, I knew we were fucked. I knew of Holder’s work for the Clintons as Assistant AG and the pardons for dollars at the end of Slick Willie’s second term.

My main reason for voting for Romney, who I disliked, was the way he took control and salvaged the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. He was a proven problem solver and not a ‘community organizer’, whatever the hell that is.

Two years into Obama’s first term, the (P)regressives were firmly in control locally. Sure, all were welcome in the ‘big tent’ if they sat in the back, kept their mouths shut, and their wallets open. The lead up to the midterms was the last time I attended any Democrat function.

In the past my favorite explanation of the difference between a Republican and a Democrat was a pie. The Republicans are terrible concerned as to how the pie is divided. The Democrats are more concerned there is a pie to begin with. Now I would add the (P)regressives want all the pie and then they will distribute the pie as they see fit.

Last election I was for, “Anybody but Shillary”. Like many people I didn’t take Trump seriously. Like many people, I was dead wrong. I did vote for him.

I’m beginning to become a Trump fanboy. Imagine, a man who keeps his campaign promises, who isn’t compromising to make nice with the swamp, and has done more to change the collective mood in four weeks than anyone else in my memory. After eight years of smugness, the feeling of energy, opportunity and freedom is exhilarating.

 The mean side of me can’t help enjoying the angst of the (P)regressives.

In reflection, I’ve concluded President Trump would make a fine 1980’s era Democrat. Wasn’t he, then?

I’m still not willing to go over to the dark side. Jeb!, McCain, Lindsey Graham, et al make me want to barf.

At age 72, I will probably wander the political wilderness till I die.

What I can do is use this modern digital samizdat to keep bitching and agitating, and that is what I will do.


  1. I'm enjoying all the politicians ducking and running out on their 'town hall' meetings... if they even show up in the first place.

    It's amazing to me to see how many politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are nothing more than chickenshit losers. It frustrates me when someone self-righteously absolves his or her party of all the blame in this huge clusterfuck.

    I'm doing my part. I work with kids. And although I don't come right out and tell them what I think, by asking the right questions of them, I get THEM to think.

    One of the largest things missing in our 'education' system is the imparting of cynicism. I'm quite helpful with that.

  2. Nothing wrong with that! I've been an independent since the late 80s... :-)

    1. I stay registered so the (P)regressives will continue to waste money sending me crap.

  3. Good post. The last Demorat I voted for, I hate to say, was Carter... native GA son. I am sorry. All I want from him now is to die. I am a conservative, and I hate the hard right. I agree with you roll call of RINO's, too. I also guardedly believe Trump will end up being a great President. Also, I read somewhere that a community organizer is a p/c way of saying Communist.

  4. Romney would have made a good president. This last stunt with Trump really irritated me and I think that his political star has set. He's got plenty of cash, a large family and he doesn't need it, but he got that taste of power and it's a rare elixir.

    The old Democrats like Tip O'Neill who worked with Pres. Reagan were a different breed of cat from who you see in the beltway now. The old school was pragmatic and had concern for regular people. Now it's all about who has the biggest grievance and the largest wallet with the Dems.

    Trump's populism may have put the spike in the Republican Party forever. He spends portions of his days meeting with coal miners, labor unions, and that sort of people -- who the Democrats lost with their pleas for taxpayer funded trans gender operations and "free" everything. Tip O'Neill would have barfed had he lived to see what his political party became.

    Many Republicans like George Will and Bill Crystal are barfing now because Trump is rubbing elbows with the great unwashed, and Ivanka is out trying to push subsidized child care through Congress.

    1. Excellent analysis. The late Senator Ken Gordon was the type of politician we need. People of principal and integrity.

  5. What really gets me, and what gets my temper rising, it that Trump is being labeled Anti Semitic, though his beloved daughter and Son-in-law who he admires greatly are JEWISH! As are their 3 Children! Donald Trump is FAR from being Anti-Semitic!
    You want Anti-Semitic?
    Tom Perez is the new chair of the DNC and appointed Keith Ellison deputy.
    And it was close. Half the DemoKKKrats wanted Ellison maybe more? Who really knows the truth about how these people really voted?.
    And you’re criticizing Trump again?

    1. First, I don't think I've been criticizing Trump.

      Alinsky's rules for radical call for attacks, false if necessary, on target's reputations. Targets start chasing their tails denying the allegations. Trump isn't playing by those rules. Those who attack him he attacks, false news, etc. In effect, he has turned the tables on them, and they are tying to defend their positions.