Thursday, March 2, 2017

Not Fun

This week has seen high winds along I-25 and I-80 in Wyoming to the point the highways have been closed. We are talking winds gusting in the 90 mph range. The sky may be clear but the visibility can drop to zero instantly in blowing snow.

Normally we drive North on I-25 at 0darkthirty. Wednesday I ran the route backwards so as to drive I-25 in the daylight.
Today the other route driver did the same. Makes for another 70 miles and fighting roads and wind, a very long day. The tow truck drivers are doing well. They earn every penny.
 On another topic, there is a saying, "The front door was locked for your protection, not mine"
At my son's house.

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In reality the daughter in law is very proficient with firearms, enjoys shooting, and is a better shot than any of us. They have taken strong measures to safely keep what they have safe and far away from unauthorized hands while having a "plan" to insure the family's safety and long term survival.
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