Sunday, March 26, 2017

F^*k Obama's Legacy

The elitist’s war on rural America continues as the entrenched civil service continues fighting to preserve the ‘Obama Legacy’, IMO. Being a Colorado resident, this post will be Mountain West centric.

The three main agencies grinding down rural America are the EPA, the BLM, and the USFS.

Many people are aware of the EPA’s war on coal. Fewer are aware of the EPA’s war on water, the Waters of the United States rule.

There was a lot of hollering about a small rancher near Gillette, WY being attacked over a small stock pond on his property. A sideshow and smoke screen.

The single most precious commodity in the West is water. Water rights protect all agriculture operations and municipal water sources. What the Waters of the United States “rule” does is give the Federal Government a back door way to control all water rights. How long before allocating “for the common good” follows? Supercede all those pesky State's rights. Visualize the "pay to play" opportunities.

A hoary old Colorado saying, “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting” may be more than an amusing phrase if the government starts messing with water rights.

Stock growers depend on public land grazing for their livelihood. They pay some steep fees for the privilege.  The practice is always under attack.

Much the same goes for the US Forest service.

The Colorado Rockies have a maze of old railroad grades and mining roads that have been used for decades for back country recreation. The USFS is systematically closing them down to anything but foot traffic. Why, because they can get away with it. 

Means they need fewer ‘boots on the ground’ rangers freeing money for more REMFs. Also pleases the tree huggers. 

Speaking of trees, in the 1950’s Engelmann spruce trees were killed off by Japanese beetles. In the past twenty years or so much of the lodgepole pines have been killed by native beetles. The USFS has done little to mitigate the problem or allowing logging of the dead trees. Surprise, wildfires have become a huge problem.

In areas not burned, the spruce trees are staging a comeback in the midst of the dead lodgepole. Will we have another spruce beetle crisis?

Will we ever see an end to stock growers, loggers, ORV operators, and other recreationists behaving badly? Of course not. That is why we will always need some type of policing. Will we ever see an end to police overstepping their boundaries? Again, of course not. What we do have are policies and procedures that work, even imperfectly.

Reforms? Interesting proposal from Senator Cory Gardner (R) CO.

As stated, this posting is Mountain West centric. Anywhere around the West you will find the Obama legacy over reach. John Day, OR. The Bundy Ranch. The Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. 

And the list goes on.

So far President Trump seems to be forming a cabinet of adults. Given his business background, he will likely let them do their jobs as opposed to the last eight years. Other than Eric Holder, and maybe Shillary, the Obama Cabinet were figureheads following orders from unelected and unvetted West Wing staffers,  IMO.
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