Sunday, March 5, 2017


The press is  all atwitterpaper about President Trump’s revelation of bugging his Trump Tower offices leading up to the election. Nearly every story includes, “Without offering any proof”.

Do they really believe he is so stupid and impulsive to make that serious a charge without being able to prove it? The proof will come at the time that suits him IMO.

They just don’t get it. He isn’t going to sit back and let the Deep State try for a coup d’état or Obama set up a “shadow” government.

The United States has developed traditions over the course of 240+ years that has served to keep our government functioning. The (P)regressives, with Obama in the lead, spent the last eight years shitting on those traditions. They evidently don’t see President Trump’s election as the voters pushing back. In their arrogance they think they are above those traditions.

He has shown he has an attack dog facet. Per several news sources outside the MSM his staff got a taste recently. So, what can he do?

George Soros (and son). Several international arrest warrants are out for them in several countries we have treaties with.  Pick them up, stuff them in a Gulfstream, and drop them off in, say, Bulgaria. Any legal reason that can’t happen?

Leakers. Pull their security clearances. Check their computers for porn. Audit their expense reports.

Journalists. There must be some that are also spies for foreign governments.

Tax Cheats. Al Sharpton, et al. Prosecute them. Show there is no “special class with special privileges”.

Much more knowledgeable people than me can expand these ideas into whole books.

President Trump has positions I don’t agree with. That said, his drive to clean house has my complete support, for what that is worth.

ADDENDUM: BZ has a much better written and researched report on this matter. Please check him out.

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