Friday, March 24, 2017

Yea For The Internet

Check EGR light came on in my old beater truck at the same time the bi-annual emissions check to renew the tabs came due.

Wonderful! Pay some shop $80 an hour plus parts to deal with it. How many current techs know anything about an obscure 1986 Japanese vehicle?

Started searching online. Seems my truck has the light come on at intervals based on mileage to remind you to check the EGR valve and Oxygen sensor for proper function. The light is reset by flicking a switch on the back of the instrument cluster next to the speedometer cable.

Drove down to a slender, and younger, friend’s house. A few minutes later, with the aid of a flashlight, he found the switch. Repositioned it and the light is out.

Did I check the EGR valve and replace the Oxygen sensor? Get real.

Next step is a new air filter, fuel treatment, oil change, long drive on the highway, and then to the Emissions station. Did the same thing the last time.

Loath the whole emissions ripoff.  The placed is staffed by TSA rejects, but with wannabe cop attitudes. Forced to watch through the windows as some half assed jerk revs my truck’s motor with a moronic grin on his face doesn’t make my day.

Once again access to the internet has saved me time, money and aggravation. Yea!
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