Saturday, March 18, 2017

Crazy Like A Fox?

All government employees are lazy, venal, and determined to keep their perks and privileges, correct? Perhaps President Trump doesn’t agree.

Warning: WSF is off on another rant. You may want to just move on.

Many folks, me included, forget most civil servants are patriots serving their country and fellow citizens. They see the waste, the stifling policies and procedures, the multitude of better and more efficient ways to do things, and live with the frustrations of working with, and for, useless hacks who can’t be fired. They may go along by keeping their opinions to themselves because they want to keep their jobs. Doesn’t mean they like it.

Their situation reminds me of some advice my father once gave me.

“Son, in this life you will eat shit sandwiches. You will do it because you have to. The important things is not to develop a taste for them”.

President Trump is firing off letters to agencies seeking their input on where cuts can be made. The AMM (American Mainstream Maggots – h/t BZ) who are rabidly anti-Trump spin their fake news narratives as to this being an attack. Maybe not.

Perhaps President Trump recognizes government employees are, first and foremost, citizens and constitutions. Their vested interest isn’t just their jobs. They are as concerned as anyone about the country’s future and the world their children and grandchildren will inherit.  The President wants them to have a voice, a say, and not just shove decisions down their throats.

What better way for weakening the ‘Deep State’ than helping the ‘stakeholders’  get a chance to reform their own work places? By creating situations where they can make their work useful and productive? I see the businessman doing what he knows work. YMMV

Our massive ship of state won’t change course in weeks or even months. But, like a ship, it will eventually respond to rudder inputs IMO.  


LL said...

There are parts of the government that can be subject to massive cuts, or eliminated with the small part(s) that you may wish to kept being folded into subsets of existing agencies. You will be able to tell if President Trump is successful by looking at home prices inside the Beltway. If the price begins to drop because the inventory of vacant dwellings is large enough, you'll know that the swamp is being drained. I don't know of any other objective measure.

Coffeypot said...

My only opinion that is contrary to yours is, from my experience, the older or the person with high seniority are retied in place. The do the least amount of work and complain the most. Even if the downhill roll of shit hit them and they had to go to work, they wouldn't know how. There are some good grunts in the government work force, but you will have to dig deep to find them.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Interesting insight. Hope few of the displaced move to CO.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Maybe the good grunts are who he is trying to reach?

Old NFO said...

I'm with LL on this one. There ARE bureaucrats that definitely need to go, many of them senior and, as we used to call it, ROAD... Retired On Active Duty, they don't like their little private fiefdoms upset.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Both of you have far more experience with the reality of government employment. I would expect the ROADs to fight like hell to protect their rice bowls.

My point, poorly made, is the President is giving the "grunts" a starting point to change the system from the inside out. Making the bastards focus on internal threats gives them less time to meddle on the outside.

Fredd said...

When I was in the active duty US Army, I understood how the bureaucracy worked, but it didn't mean that I liked it. I was constantly amazed at the God awful waste that I was forced by my superiors to engage in. I was a non-commissioned officer at the battalion level, and at this low level, I personally saw millions of dollars pissed down a rat hole for no good reason. I can only imagine that the figure of waste would be in the billions as you move up the food chain.

Government work poisons one's perspective about tax payer money. It no longer seems real, nor finite. And nobody seems to care that the amount of waste and inefficiency is immoral, if nothing else.

I can't say that any effort to rehabilitate government workers into doing things efficiently will ever work. The only way is to periodically take a chain saw and hack huge organizations' budgets to the quick, with no argument.

Momma Fargo said...

I am a good government grunt. But I see huge wastes daily. Saw them at the CPD also. My theory is if the big man asked for your opinion on cuts, you best have some solutions. It isn't really a question. It's a question of cutting fat and beefing up the needs column. You could articulate that if you had a brain and weren't a wasteful govt type. But the liberals want to buck the system and twist it into what it is not. Now they are fear mongering everywhere. Oh the sky is falling! The sky is falling! Please. They need to get a grip. On the flip side...sometimes programs don't make money but they are a good necessity for life such as Meals on Wheels and helping out the kids with needs. I think, though, they can all reevaluate their budgets. Even small cuts or putting the biggest bang for your buck is fiscally responsible management.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Don't disagree. The President is giving those in the way of the chain saw some say as to their fate IMO.

Well Seasoned Fool said...