Thursday, April 8, 2021

Emperor Polis


The mask mandate has been extended another month depending on where your county/community falls on some “color” scale, purple to green. My county is currently listed as “yellow”.

After a year of this nonsense, I see increasing scofflaw behavior. Most common is the mask below the nose. My guess, over half of mask wearers including store employees,  don’t cover their nose.

Must all be mouth breathers?

This morning I visited Harbor Freight where around 1/3 of the customers weren’t wearing masks (including yours truly).  As a major downstream China outlet, their stock is low and many bare shelves were to be seen. What I wanted wasn’t in stock so I left without buying anything.

 Emperor Polis will claim credit after MLB moved the All-star game from Atlanta to Denver. Interesting, MLB moved it to a city with around a 15% black population in a state with 4% of the population counted as black by the Census Bureau. The state has stronger voting laws, including ID requirements, than the recent Georgia voter action. Of course, Colorado is mail in voting only.

(Doesn’t matter really with the blue counties dominating the population and enforcement/scrutiny of voting absent in those counties.)

See where the American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) are all atwitter over SloJo “gun control” Executive Orders. What I see so far is a focus on fringe points that will still energize their base. Firearms owners will continue, “We Will Not Comply”, and trillions of innocent electrons will be killed as polemics are written. Fund raising by groups on all sides will be stepped up.

I think I will go take a nap.


LL said...

A nap is almost always a good idea. I'm guessing that Banner knows when to take a nap.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Banner? Frequent.

Ami said...

While I think people should be wearing a goddamn mask (the smallest amount of influenza in decades could be looked at here) the 'gun control' stuff is just so much BS. In looking at the executive orders tossed out there today, I don't see how anything is going to change. It's posturing. "Look! I am doing something about 'gun violence'"
M'kay. Guess we'll see if it does any good.

Of course the end goal has to be reached in small, *you can't see what we're doing... can you?* increments.

Ami said...

I'm guessing that you know what the end goal is without my saying it. Sheer numbers of factory-produced firearms in the US will stop that from ever happening... and the 3D printed/made from a clothespin/hey, have you seen this one yet thing will just be extra.
But it buys votes, that appearance of DOING SOMETHING.

Old NFO said...

Smart move. Naps are GOOD at our age!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I no longer trust any numbers released by any government agency. That said, colds and flu are down, no question. At what price? What are the long term consequences of wearing masks? What do we know about the materials used to make the masks? I live next door to two retired nurses and ne floor down from a retired surgical nurse. None of them agree completely but two refuse to wear masks.

Bedtime is now the time I once went out to party.

Ami said...

If you're wearing those nasty blue things, it's true, we don't know what they're made of. I know what mine are made of, I made them.

drjim said...

There was a news article about huge quantities of masks being contaminated with "graphene" particles. Breathing these causes lung problems very similar to breathing asbestos.

Naps are good. I take them "As Needed".

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Those mask were recalled recently in Canada. the schools had been giving them to children.

LSP said...

Naps are key. Well done.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The only time Banner is allowed on the bed. Naps are limited to 30 minutes.