Tuesday, May 5, 2020

High Plains Fix

Severe clear weather and the need to break the tedium was my excuse to find the place where Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado meet.

Follow Directions

At the risk of losing my man card, I started the trip with instructions.

A retired Weld County policewoman sent me specific instructions. That was the key, as I’ve driven by the location twice and not found it. It appears to be on private property. For you Texans, purple paint means nothing in these parts.

From the cattle guard it is about ½ mile past a functioning windmill and water tank. I parked at the windmill as a lot of mud was present just past it and I didn’t want to get stuck.

Banner, the not so brave dog.
In his seven years, he has lived in apartments and suburban homes with a fenced yard. He is very timid about many things and I’ve been working on changing that. For instance, he is skittish about different floors including my deck.

Wide open spaces scared him. As you will see in some of the pictures he has overcome that fear. . At the water tank, he didn’t know how to drink. I got his water bowl from the truck, filled it, and then he drank. He is a lab, but I haven’t taken him swimming. That is on tap for this summer.

Pawnee Buttes

A favorite place. In James Mitchner’s book. Centennial, he called them Rattlesnake Buttes.
There is a trail to the buttes that I have hiked in the past. This time of year you can’t get on the Buttes as it is the beginning of nesting season for many species of birds that make their home in and around the buttes.

It is a nice place to come for a picnic. In the roads leading into the visitor center, many turnouts are used by campers/RVs.

This site is fighting me so a second post follow.


Brig said...

Always interesting to find a new place to visit. Banner has lead a sheltered life. One would think a lab would love water, but not all of them do. A SIL has one that is deathly afraid of water. Won't step in a puddle to save his life. Jumps it like it's the grand canyon... crazy Jose. He is death on flushing chucker, and that keeps him alive. (no fear he is well loved).

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Either he is coming along, or I am. Maybe both!

drjim said...

That's amazing landscape, and I didn't know we have a "Three Corners" in the state as well as the "Four Corners".

I'll have to get those directions from you. I'd love to (carefully) go see the marker.

LL said...

I'm sure that Banner whized on the monument, Thus claiming all three states for his master.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We ave another, Kansas, Nebraska,Colorado. I was there several years ago.

He is an over achiever, sometimes.

Sisty said...

One of my favorite areas to visit. In the coming months, it is a very prudent idea to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes. They can get rather large.

James Michener's book "Centennial" is probably one of the best books about Pawnee Buttes and Weld County in general. It was made into a mini series of the same name. Michener taught history at University of Northern Colorado for many years and the library is named after him. The first chapter of the book is tedious but it is very important to slog your way through it as the rest of the book makes more sense. It all ties together.

drjim said...

WSF - I just looked for that on the map and it's way out on rte 34.

Sisty - I remember when Centennial was on TV, but at that time in my life I wasn't interested in what's now my "back yard". I have several Mitchner books; "Tales of the South Pacific", "The Bridges at Toko Ri", and "Space". He's a good writer, but can get a bit "wordy" at times.

Old NFO said...

Beautiful shots and glad you FINALLY found it... LOL

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I remember our visit to the Buttes years ago when I had to pass an Angus bull, and your late husband's pity remarks. For those who might visit, know the Buttes are open range.

Should have checked the spelling of his last name.

Thank you for the photo remarks.

LSP said...

What great photos!

Hope Banner gains confidence...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you for the photo kind words. Banner just needs time and exposure. When I first got him it was a struggle for him to ride the elevator.