Sunday, August 18, 2019


Working like a Hebrew slave is my excuse for sparse blogging. One part time job 3 ½ days a week has me getting up at 0300 and not getting home until 1945. My insurance gig has been sparse but recently picking up.

Why, at age 75, am I doing this? In one part, because I can. This body is way past warranty expiration and who knows how long it will function without a major breakdown? In another part, squirreling nuts against the coming winter. I have no desire to be on the road come snow season except when I want to be and on my terms. In another part, have put a dent in the financial reserves and want to get those back to a comfortable level.

So now, for a shotgun approach.


Some antiquated laws have been changed and farmers can grow hemp. This is a field about ½ square mile I drive past on the way to work.

Monsoon Season

After a hard winter and wet springs, we have entered the fall monsoon season. Colorado hasn’t been this green for years. It does make for some interesting clouds.

The Great Western Railroad

A local Northern Colorado feeder line between the BNSF line in Fort Collins and the Union Pacific line in Greeley, both of the big boys use it from time to time.

Highway 287

Work took me today to Bailey, CO to do a visual (from the street) property inspection/report and take three pictures. Paid $93. Hwy 287 is a nasty, mainly two lane highway connecting metro Denver with Southwest Colorado. Sunday it is jammed with recreationists headed back to metro Denver. One bad accident and it can be closed for hours.

Guanella Pass

Up the road from Bailey at Grant is a 24 mile road to Georgetown,  CO over Guanella Pass. Since I haven’t been over it in years, decided to reroute my trip back to base over it. Much improved, paved all the way, and with new stout guardrails in the nastiest spots, it was a relaxing diversion.

On the Georgetown side a “longboard” race had the road closed but I was only delayed about 30 minutes.

Interstate 70

Like Hwy 287, jammed with returning recreationists. The difference? Three lanes and broad shoulders. A wreck, unless a total wipeout, doesn’t close it down.


Walked in, around, and out without buying anything. That has never happened before.


The schedule has cut into my reading time, and the number or articles that can get my maverick Celtic blood boiling. I’m going to catch up this winter. Can’t have LL beating me to the bunk nearest the stove!


More Guanella Pass snaps. I’m too tired to figure out how to move them.


Momma Fargo said...

Beautiful pics. I haven't been on some of those roads for years. I like your strategy for saving nuts. Most squirrels do. I am one of those squirrels that has a problem with that sometimes. There's always something unforeseeable it pops up.

Brig said...

Post as time and inclination permit. Enjoy your posts.
Been a long time since I was in Colorado.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Those "pop ups" are annoying!

Thank you.

Old NFO said...

Beautiful pics, and yes squirreling away for winter IS a good idea. I 'think' I've been over that pass, many years ago. And I do remember seeing probably 50-60 elk up there!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Wildlife patterns change. That is prime Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep range with moose now drifting in during the summer. No wildlife sightings on this trip.