Thursday, October 2, 2014

What If?

President Obama is planning to visit Peking in November. What if China invades Taiwan during his visit and holds him hostage? He has already shown his weakness. What would he give up to save his precious ass? Damn sure, it is not to die for his country.

Things would go pear shaped very quickly. Joe Biden puts his foot in it often, but I don’t think he is a wuss. Hopefully, B.O. has enough smarts not to take him with him on the trip, and the Chinese realize Biden will act.

Wonder if this possibility will be presented to B.O. at his daily briefings that interfere with his tee times?

OK, I know, I’ve too much time on my hands and an overactive imagination.

As an aside, I deliberately use Peking, and a Hawaiian love sign to the Communists and what they prefer.
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