Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Medical Update

Had my little heart episode two months ago (Aug28). This post is primarily an update for my extended family (50+ first cousins) who occasionally read this blog.

Two months in, my nose is fairly well healed. Since it was broken so many times, it is strange to see a straight, normal nose in the mirror.

The cardiologists had to reattach one of the two pacemaker leads. That was on October 1. They only kept me for a few hours. As you cousins and aunts know, I’ve lived most of my life at high altitudes and inherited the Burtis genes for shoulders and chest size. Even when I’m less than 200 lbs, I still wear a size 52 coat and a 20/36 shirt. Seems the cardiologists had trouble finding a good location for the lead. Dr, Gryboski would instruct me to take a deep breath. The lead would move. I seem to remember five attempts. At my two week check up, the lead wasn’t optimal but within tolerances.

When I did the face plant (twice) August 28th, I must have received a bad concussion. I’m still wobbly and have some balance problems. I’ve lost an edge mentally. As to the heart, my energy level is way down and strength is off. Must use a jack now lifting my truck instead of just putting it on jack stands (yeah, yeah).

Now the bills are rolling in. Somewhere North of $100,000 and climbing. Between Medicare and United Health Care, most will be paid or discounted. My share? Don’t know yet, but it will bite.

In summary, I’m living the joke; if I knew getting old was like this, I would have put it off a few years. On the other hand, I was 70 years old before I spent a night in a hospital (as a patient).

Life goes on. If I can avoid the family cancer curse, I will be content.


Ami said...

Hey, at least you're well enough to bitch, right?
Hope you continue being a curmudgeon indefinitely. :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Curmudgeon is part of my DNA.

Old NFO said...

You're upright and bitchin... All is good! :-) And it just takes time to recover... TAKE the damn time!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

What, do something sensible? New concept for me.

Old NFO said...

ROTF... Well, in that case have fun...