Friday, October 31, 2014

A Friday Ramble

 Oh how well the organs of government work. Not! Had a scammer contact me about something I had listed on Craigslist. The usual, sent me a check for $1,450 for a $350 item. Wants me to send him the difference via a Money gram. Since I get everything at my Post Office box, and few people know my physical address, turned over the envelope and check to the Postmaster. He was visible reluctant to take it, but said he would send it to the “investigators”. Still waiting to hear from them. At one time, mail fraud was taken seriously. Guess times change.

From, One-Quarter Of All Doctors Refuse Obama Care - Lunch Alert!‏

Proving once again you can’t just cram something down the people’s throats. Maybe get away with it among the Free Cheese low information voters, but rebellion is in our national DNA. What is sickening (no pun intended) is all the money that has been pissed away, and our national health system is getting worse.

Have a job again test driving preproduction cars when I’m able to relocate closer to their base. Confidentiality agreements, etc., keep me from disclosing anymore information. Part of the orientation was a Liberty Mutual Insurance video titled “Decision Driving”. I’ve been licensed for 56 years, and I got a lot out of it. If you have a chance to see it, it is a well spent hour. Of course, friends and family are having great fun pointing out my past mishaps and asking, “Did they really check you out”?  Sheesh, over the course of ten years or so,  tear the door off a $100,000+ preproduction Lincoln, drive a tall truck under a low bridge, and drag a 30’ gooseneck trailer across the front of two Kias, and folks start questioning your ability. No need to bring up that one ground loop in a Stinson Voyager. 

Today was another day I’m happy I didn’t go into police work. Stopped for gas ($2.94 a gallon) and then went into the convenience store for coffee and to make my retirement fund payment (bought a lottery ticket). Outside near the entrance was a “piss bum”. He was sprawled on the walkway with one hand down his pants masturbating.  As one police officer once told me online, something seen can’t be unseen. I was far enough away that I couldn’t smell him. Sorry, my character flaws keep me from feeling much compassion for him. I left; the store personnel and police are the proper people to deal with him 

The ignition lock on the old truck is worn. The beeper chime letting me know I left the key in the lock stayed on, intermittently. Very annoying. A retired service manager I worked with has a shop that would not be out of place at a dealership. I stopped by and he got under the dash and strangled the buzzer. Cost me thirty minutes of conversation. Across the field from his property is a riding arena used by Colorado State University women practicing flat saddle skills. Most of the thirty minutes was listening to his crude remarks about the women. This, from a man with a very attractive wife. He is faithful to her but ????? Oh well, not my problem but I would have a lot more respect for him if he wasn't such an ass.

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