Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Political Ads

I seldom watch television, but live in a house where it is on 14 hours a day. Don't listen to the radio in my vehicle, but am in stores with radio stations playing. Even with my limited exposure, the political ads are overwhelming.

Colorado seems to be a national battleground. In recent days, some of the Democrat ads are being pulled. Hopeful sign. I'm a blue dog Democrat who hasn't voted for a Democrat, except in local races, for several years. This year every blasted Democrat running is a (p)regressive. I hope they all go down in flames. Maybe by 2016 the (p)regressives will form their own party (hey, I can hope).
The GOP has one good congressman running for reelection that I will feel good about voting for, as I did with a check to his campaign (Mike Coffman).

The candidate for governor is the usual recycled past, failed,  candidate. Lifelong banker and a one term Congressman who has been associated with many shady, if not criminal, happenings.  In spite of that, Governor Wishywashy seems to be in trouble.

Lots of chatter from the 2nd Amendment people. More chatter from the ecofreaks about fracking. Instead of, "I support the 2nd Amendment, but.......", you hear, "I'm not against fracking, but............."

Say the GOP, at the national level, takes the Senate. What can we expect from B.O. and gang during the lame duck session? Bet it won't be pretty. Then, two years of the Elmer Fudd show. Aarg! I'm getting negative again.


Ami said...

What a bunch of useless fucks we have running things in this country. I hate not having anyone to vote FOR. Gahh.

Scotty said...

They do seem to cater to the lowest denominator. It all pretty much insults my intelligence but, mebbe they know something as it does seem to work. Just look at how many that are elected without any substance.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You are right, we usually vote against a candidate.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Seems that way.

Scotty said...

Something that may interest you. I love Michelle Malkin and she's cute too!!


Well Seasoned Fool said...

She is becoming a force in this state. The Gang Of Four was able to get 100% mail in balloting statewide, and this upcoming election is the first using it. Every opportunity for voter fraud found nationwide is incorporated in it.One of the state Senators ousted in the recall elections was whining about it not being in place when she faced recall.