Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thoughts On Firearm Ownership

This will be a rambling post with no real point. You are warned.

First, I detested the use of the word “gun” unless you are referring to a smoothbore. Firearms have been part of my life since childhood. There was always a .30-.30 over the front door, a rifle in our vehicles, and a .22 in a closet. I can’t tell you how young I was when I first fired a firearm because I can’t remember. Likewise, I can’t remember a first use of a hammer, saw, axe, hay fork, or cow hobbles. They were tools that we used, sometimes daily. From 7th grade through high school, I belonged to the NRA Junior Rifleman program. The weekly range session was the highlight of my life. At no time did I hear anyone referring to a “gun”. Please take my word for it, in the Army, circa 1963, referring to your M-1 or M-14 as a “gun” would bring swift, and unpleasant, attention from the NCOs. Even the .50 M-2 was a “weapon”.

Second, I detest people who don’t handle firearms safely. I think everyone should demonstrate a basic competence and understanding of safety issues before they can own a firearm. Yes, I understand this is not happening because anything of this nature will be gloomed on to by the gun grabbers and perverted. There already exists a model, the hunter safety card.

Does it work? Damn right it works.

Third, I think every household should have a firearm and ammunition, and know how to use them.  Of course, some households have members who are not emotionally stable or mentally competent, and access must be restricted. I say this as someone who has personal experience with the issue. Rapid access in an emergency is compromised, but compromised access is better than no access. As I type this, a revolver is available in the drawer of my desk beside my right knee.

Fourth, I think every business should have trained and armed employees in the workplace. I spent thirty years in the retail automobile business. Believe me; you do not want to rob a car dealership. While some are “gun free”, none I every worked for were, even when the “official” policy was “gun free”.

Two times in my life I’ve faced a criminal armed with a hand gun. The first time was around 1970 in Glendale, CO at a small coffee shop on Colorado Blvd. My employee, Glen, and I were at the cash register paying for our coffees to go when the robber approached and waved a firearm. Glen was an 11B about one year removed from the 173rd in Vietnam. Without a word spoken, Glen and I both tossed our hot coffee in the robber’s face. Soon, the robber was happy to see the police and ambulance.

The second time was mid 1970’s in Renton, WA. I was on a test drive. When I stopped to change places with the “customer”, he pointed a semi automatic p.o.s. at me. Dumb little gang banger, he had the safety on. Funny how your military training kicks in, even after years away from it.

In both cases, I devoutly wished I was armed. Discussing the second case with a supervisor, he told me I was armed, with my wits. Yeah Don, not a substitute for my .44 Special.

I doubt many readers of this blog will disagree with me, even my (p)regressive friends who occasionally wander over here. I believe everyday violent criminals leave potential victims alone because they are afraid of getting shot. That, I believe, is a good thing.
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