Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lying, Needlessly

Once again, I'm reminded that law enforcement, car sales people, and insurance adjusters are the professions people have little compunction to lie, about everything, even when it isn't needed.

The woman who came by and bought my Escort strongly implied she needed it as a donor car to keep her Escort running.  Now, I find, the car went to a salvage yard. This woman buys cars for them.

Like I care, so long as I get paid. She isn't much of a negotiator, and she paid about 40% more than the car is worth for salvage. Mind you, this car has dents in every panel, the roof rack is bent, and interior trim pieces are missing. It has near new tires, struts, and a perfect windshield, but they will be hard pressed to part it out, then sell the hulk to a crusher, and recover their money.

Of course, you can tell the literal truth and still be misleading per this found on a Facebook posting.
As always, YMMV.
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