Thursday, October 2, 2014

Medical Update II

Everything went well yesterday. Sent me home about an hour after the procedure.

Back this afternoon to have the pacemaker checked. Firing on both cylinders.

Inconvenient to have my left arm strapped to my side, but need to let everything start healing.

The rest of potential heart problems don't seem likely. No stents, bypasses, etc. Arteries and veins don't have plague, and my heart itself seems strong. All in all, reassuring.


  1. Great news!!
    After having stents put in me in August I just got out of the hospital yesterday. 5 Days battling pneumonia even after having a shot against pneumonia!! Hoping for a better year next year!! The heart attack and the stents were a piece of cake compared to this pneumonia thing that just happen.

    1. I hear you about the pneumonia. Glad you are recovering. Having some issues now that makes me think I'm not yet out of the woods. Time will tell.

    2. Keep plugging and plodding!! That's all we can do, my friend!!

    3. Sadly true. Hope you can soon plod at a trot.