Friday, July 23, 2021

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My niece is a career public health worker in Reno. While our political views are vastly different, my admiration for her courage and dedication is without qualifiers.

The picture was from a post to her Facebook page by her mother (my Sisty).

However harsh COVID has made our lives, for health workers it must be 24/7 combat. The public is resisting and the REMFs (Facui, et al) liars and corrupt. What a tough place to be.

So I ask the few readers that pass this way to say a prayer for the front line health workers, and pass along a thank you to those you may meet.


LSP said...

Prayers up. And let's thank God too, seriously, that this plague hasn't been of bubonic proportion.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you and thank God.

commoncents said...

LIVE NOW: Watch Newsmax Live on YouTube

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Old NFO said...

Been praying for those on the front lines since last year.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Should be there. Please understand when it comes to computers I'm a Latter Day Luddite.

Thank you.

LL said...

I went to the doctor yesterday. I've never been to this particular MD before, but I had a problem - you're aware. Overdoing things led to infection. BUT I didn't have the plague.

0800 HRS, I arrive for my appointment on time, first patient of the day but the door. is locked and there is a torrential downpour. Healthworker opens the door, allows me in and says, "You're sweating, do you have COVID-19?"

I reply, "It's raining outside, and no, I don't have a fever."

Health worker, checks my temp and says, "Ok, you don't have a fever."

No I don't.

Sometimes it gets a bit much, WSF.

On my way out I asked what I owed by way of co-pay. She said, "you have three health insurances - you're good." So...she admitted that I was good.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I'm sure you are a most co-operative patient! Hope the problem is soon cured.