Tuesday, July 20, 2021


Those of you who can post a blog entry daily I admire. Those whose post covers many topics astound me.  My life right now is mundane and my usual outrage muted. The complete clown show going on in politics right now leaves me suspended in disbelief.

Because of my 100+ cousins (first and second) Facebook is a daily outlet. Add a few friends and I spend an hour or so a day there. Things I swipe for you bloggers end up as a post under the title, “Stirring the pot”.

The four years President Trump was in office had my FB feed full of harsh attacks, often vile, and written in a self righteous tone against him. Those same posters now are curiously silent in praising SloJo/Ho. Perhaps a bit of buyer’s remorse? Are they sensing a return of the stagflation of the Obama years? Any damn fool who bothers to think can see our country’s current economic path is not sustainable. Do we even have two years before the shit hits the fan?

On a brighter note, one grandson is in his AIT mechanic school at Ft. Lee, VA. I read today the National Guard is fast running out of money to pay the troops, with no bipartisan support in sight to remedy the situation. Oh, there was no money allocated for them to guard Congress against a “coup”?  Well shucky darn! Give Pelosi, et al credit for trying to keep the costs down by having the Guard bivouac in parking garages.

Two weeks ago my prostrate got “Roto Rootered”, after far too long a delay thanks to COVID. So far, so good, and for once I’m following the doctor’s orders. Next week is my first checkup. Hopefully I can go back to my exercise program. Right now, my flab is getting flab. With this behind me, I’m down to two prescription drugs, very small doses, and maybe one more can be eliminated. Also had my bi-annual pacemaker check just before the medical procedure and there were no problems. The pacemaker has a memory function and my remote reader can transmit the data to the cardiologists.

The place I call home is a 90 unit 65+ years old apartment that was, pre-COVID, developing a real community. That is now showing signs of renewal. For me, with decent health and outside interests, COVID has been an inconvenience and diminished part time earnings. For many of the residents, it has been almost a prison sentence.  Now we have this “Delta” variant making the news (or is it the propaganda machine?).  Will the country stand for more lockdowns?

For now I’m going to enjoy my family, friends, and Banner the dog. The fire will return; it always has.


Old NFO said...

Glad to hear things are going in a positive direction! And we enjoy your posts too! :-)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you.

Greybeard said...

I'm a 3+ trips to visit the loo per night guy. I'll be interested hearing your experience with the roto op.
I'm glad you have banner. I suspect many of your cell mates there envy you.

LSP said...

Mr. WSF, very glad the boy's doing well at AIT (mine's home on leave after 1.5 years... ye Gods...) and that the Roto's done it's thing.

Apropos of nothing, Blue forgets where he is, being an old dog, then remembers and grins with abandon. I like that.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

GB Seeing the Doc tomorrow for my first post op follow up. I have questions, many questions.

Grandson has been traveling a tough road since his Dad died. It appears he is making progress on his own terms.

Banner continues his career as Ambassador of Smiles. He is a ray of sunshine for some of the isolated and lonely residents. Me? I'm just his windman, alas.