Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Simple Pleasures

A big thunderstorm rolled over the WSF’s senior slum building last night. At times, counting the time between lightning flashes and the thunder sound was “one one thou……”. No hail, but buckets of rain.

DrJim lives about 20 miles NNW of me and reported only sprinkles.

After the cell passed, I opened all exterior doors and windows and let the fresh washed air circulate (aided by two ceiling fans) in the apartment. A simple pleasure to be sure, but I enjoy it.

As I get older I take these moments whenever I can.

Depending on the source, Colorado is #4 or #5 in lightning kills nationwide. My mother was struck twice. Her sisters never developed dementia but she did. No proof that being struck by lightning was the cause, and no proof it wasn’t.

My sister lost a valuable American Saddle Bred horse to lightning. He was a superb jumper.

Gaia has her ways, and mere humans won’t change that.


drjim said...

Lightning is nothing to screw around with. When I did my Industrial Controls gig back in Illinois, I saw first-hand just how much damage a direct hit can do.

Stuff just disappears!

0000 ("4-aught") cables as big around as your thumb vanish leaving bright copper splashes everywhere with 20', and soot all over the place.

Even if the lightning hits the ground some distance away, the tremendous currents caused by the lightning will cause a voltage difference between where you're standing, and where the hit strikes the ground, and it's the "Voltage Gradient" that kills people and animals.

It's like having your left foot "grounded", and your right foot connected to many thousands of volts.

Bad for living things.....

LL said...

Fly a kite in the Storm with a wire connected to hearth with a key and see if you duplicate Dr. Benjamin Franklin's experiment...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I watch where I'm at when lightning is in the area.

Pass, thank you.

Fredd said...

Or, you could move to Illinois where lightning never strikes, a virtual paradise on earth.

Well, there are the issues with this being a cobalt blue state, with a 370-pound liberal governor just assumed office and first thing out of the chute for him was to enact a 19 cent a gallon increase in the gas tax. We will now pay the third highest gasoline prices in the US, lucky us.

Governor Joke: newly elected Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker (D-Il), was checking out his new digs around Chicago, and his chauffer got confused as to how to get to I-290 from the loop: the governor told the chauffer to pull over so he could ask a constituent on the sidewalk for directions. He rolled down the window and asked a pedestrian "how do I get to 290?". The helpful constituent replied, 'drop about 80 pounds, and you're in the ball park.'

Yes, a fat joke, so sue me.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

With our (P)regressive Governor and both the House and Senate in (P)regressive majorities, the only thing protecting us from your fate is the Constitutional Amendment, TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights).

Old NFO said...

Yep, watch the lightning from a distance... We had a strike a couple of weeks ago that hit the flagpole 650 yards from where we were standing, and we both felt it through our shoes. Might have 'danced' a little bit on that one.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Lightning hit a car lot down the street from us. No current came our way but the ozone smell was intense. They lost about 4' of chain link fence.

Coffeypot said...

I love hard rain's and all the lightning and thunder. And the smell afterward soothes the nerves.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You live in the right part of the country for that.