Wednesday, July 24, 2019


It isn’t even August and the Mariners are 20+ games out of first place, far ahead of their normal fall collapse. (Signs of Fall in Seattle – rain is colder, days are shorter, and the Mariners are 20 games out of first place).

We lived in the Seattle area for 18 years and with Little League sons, we attended Mariner games in the old Kingdome. Even then, it was a $100 visit (tickets, parking, snacks).

We started watching the Tacoma Tigers, now Rainiers, for a much better experience (and a $30 visit). Outdoors, parking within sight of our seats, and my sons could roam around the place without getting yelled at.

AAA baseball isn’t too shabby and the Tigers were good!

I’ve been to a few Rockies games. Decent experience, but I’m not a big baseball fan.
I do enjoy Rainier Beer, brewed with pure recycled Seattle sewer water. Gives it that extra kick!

The waitstaff at Billy McHales, Renton, WA, home of 31 different beers, used to sneer at my Rainier beer order.  Interesting place after 10 p.m. with 16 car dealerships within a 3 miles radius.


Fredd said...

I'm not a big baseball fan, either. Spent the first 10 years of my life in Bellingham, up I-5 from you. THen dad got a job down to Eugene, OR, home of then then-Eugene Emeralds (Triple A farm team of the Phillies). Saw Ferguson Jenkins pitch, saw Mike Schmidt and Greg Luzinski hit homers in Eugene and still: Never a baseball fan. If it was outlawed tomorrow, not a single tear in my eye, wouldn't even notice it was gone. Now college football, whole 'nother ball game (so to speak)....

Still, while in the Northwest as a misguided young adult, I drank the cheap stuff: Blitz, brewed in Portland and Olympia, brewed in Tumwater, WA. We called it Oly. If it was cheap, we drank it. And lots of it. Every now and then Rainier was on sale, we chugged that, too.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Oly made it in the frig from time to time.

drjim said...

Growing up in the Chicago area I was a Cubs fan. Still am, but don't really follow any "professional" sport, but always enjoyed a summer day at the ballpark with my buddies and Old Style beer, a Chicgaoland favorite!

R said...

Rainier hasn't been brewed in Seattle for years. Pabst owns the brand now and produces it in Corona, CA (East of LA).

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My following is very casual. What I'm not is a Bronco fan.

Didn't know that.

Flugelman said...

Was stationed on Whidbey Island in the 60's, Oly was one of the usual beers on tap and was cheap. Fast forward several years, visiting in the St Louis area with an old Whidbey roommate who had found a career in law enforcement. He had stopped a car full of teenagers who had a trunk full of Oly. Guess who reminisced drinking Oly that weekend?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

At the time I was custodial parent of unsupervised teen boys so my home was dry. When I did drink, it was the bar's house beer, Rainier or Oly. I will drink Budweiser, but never "light" beer.

Old NFO said...

Yep, Oly in the E club at Whidbey... And I gave up on baseball after the strike.

LSP said...

Beer! I love a cold one after a dove hunt and around thr grill, but not much more than that.

England? Different story. Pint after pint and the more the merrier, tastes better there, I think.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Did a lot of business on Whidbey. If memory serves, it is the second longest island in the USA.

Spent a few days in London circa 1965. Didn't much like the brews but had a good time with the natives.