Monday, July 22, 2019

Avoiding the Interstate

Had a job to do in Northeast Colorado and a choice of routes. Going east took a rural two lane state highway. Coming back, for part of the trip, drove old US highway 6. Did about 25 miles of Interstate and then back on a major secondary highway.

It was a relaxing trip not dealing with the 18 wheelers governed at 65 mph trying to pass each other. Add the #%&*^$# tourists in their poorly driven overloaded RVs who stick to the Interstates and the secondary roads are an easy drive.

Our heat wave is in a pause mode and temps were in the high 70’s.

As far as the job goes, left behind an angry man wanting to know where the money he has provided for the mortgage payment went. Sorry mister, relationship counseling is not part of the job.


Old NFO said...

Country road ARE much more relaxing these days. I drive them when I get the chance.

drjim said...

Good old US 6 went through my hometown back in Illinois.

Driving back from the tractor show on the 34 was quite a flashback to my time in Illinois.

Brig said...

I always prefer to avoid the interstates, for the same reasons. Tourists are the worst. A couple of my SILs and BILs got back from Yellowstone and said they had more fun pulling off the road and point off into the distance (there was nothing to see), followed by screeching tires, people jumping out of vehicles, and shouting what do you see...

LL said...

Life can suck. Particularly if you were ripped off on the mortgage payments you thought you were making to the right person for the right reason. But as you say, you're not the warm and fuzzy financial counsellor.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Helps the blood pressure.

Hwy 34 is ok until yu reach I-25. I don't like driving through Loveland.

Tormenting tourists. They should get medals.

I doubt there was much domestic tranquility at that address this evening. House is for sale and a vehicle with the same real estate company's name on it was parked there. The agents name isn't the same as the man on the mortgage (and his is the only name). Doesn't take a detective to draw some conclusions. Followed my tried and proven course of action. Stand up, speak up, shut up, and git. He had the letter, I had the information, and he was on his cell calling the lender. I can do all the tablet shit two blocks away.

LSP said...

Relationship counseling? People do the damndest things. Then there's roads. I've got a sabbatical from those for the moment but the kid drives me about, terrifying.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My DinL can raise my blood pressure.