Saturday, July 13, 2019

Piss and Moan

Ethanol gasoline has finally eroded various rubber components in my Mitsubishi Might Max carburetor and it won't pass emissions.

A local shop also sells landscaping equipment and used motorcycles so has two techs who know carbs. One hour labor to swap out. OK, find a carb. Price seems to run in the $350 - $450 range!

Partial rebuild kits, which doesn't include a needed solenoid, can be had for around $75. Do I want to tackle a rebuild with my 75 year old fingers with some carpel tunnel problems?

I'm keeping the truck. It has been the most reliable, trouble free vehicle I've owned. 

Colorado has made it difficult, and expensive, to register a vehicle outside the areas requiring emissions. Doable, but a pain in the ass.

For sure, this gives Sisty another over thinking subject to bust my balls.

Having another vehicle for a daily driver helps. The Mighty Max bumper hides the date decals effectively but any traffic stop is trouble.

Oh well, it isn't like I haven't been a lifelong scofflaw. That won't change.


Coffeypot said...

You need to find a new friend who is younger (say 50 years old or so) who like to tinker with cars and buy him a six pack or bottle of his choice and y'all work on it together.

Old NFO said...

Pay the kids to rebuild the carb, and check Rock Island for the solenoid. :-)

drjim said...

I think NFO means "Rock Auto". I used to get all my stuff from them, BUT, as of the first of the year, they won't ship to a jurisdiction with separate state and city taxes.

They might ship to you, but not to me.

Jim said...

Ethanol does seem to be hard on smaller engines. I'm glad there are a couple sources for straight gasoline locally and that's what I run in my mower and other small engines.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good advice.

Old NFO/drjim
Rock Auto had a big closeout sale on Mighty Max parts several months ago. I think the problem might be the O ring on the solenoid. I may take a crack at removing the solenoid and replacing the O ring.

There are a few local sources. Kind of like biodiesel, hard to find on cross country trips.

drjim said...

This is a site I use when I'm looking for straight gas.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I only buy for my vehicles. Murphy USA and some Maverick stations usually have ethanol free gas.