Thursday, August 16, 2018

Summit Springs

Scene of a big fight July 11, 1869, the site is on private land. Once open, abusive people leaving gates open, trash, and firing weapons brought about the scene above. The land owner/lessee will allow vetted visitors. Located a few miles SSE of Sterling, CO the history surrounding the events interests me.
One of the books listed in the brochure, "Sound the Charge" is in my library. Part of the book goes into some detail of ordeals of 'white' women in the hands of natives. Something fuller:

My view of Indians differs from current orthodoxy, shaped in part by listening, as a young child, to relatives and family friends who experienced life in the West in the last part of the 1800's. 

Sterling, CO has an excellent museum well worth visiting. Located just of I-76, it across from the Colorado Visitors Center (Rest Stop). Admission is a scandalous $3.

The quality of the following photos is poor. My cheap pocket camera is better than the user and the user was too lazy to go to his truck and get his SLR.

 Both my mother and sister would ride side saddle on special occasions. My sister, a superb rider, would jump side saddle. Showoff!

A large section is devoted to rural electrification and the nearly unfathomable positive impact on the lives, and life spans, of rural people.
There is far more than these few snaps show. It humbles me the amount of volunteer effort that goes into creating these small city museums.

Two more museums of note should you be passing through Colorado would be at Burlington, CO on I-70 just past the Kansas line and Craig, CO in the Northwest corner of the state on US 40. 

Can't forget the "Tread of the Pioneers" museum in Steamboat Springs, CO. A good friend has spent many years making that a regional resource. 

A passing note on Native Americans. I have no, repeat no, animosity towards those living today. I would say those who view socialism and trusting the 'government' favorable should examine carefully the current state of Native Americans. As always, YMMV.

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