Monday, December 26, 2016

That Will Teach Them, But Who?

The smug self righteous gun grabber (P)regressive crowd managed to “hurt” Colorado’s primer firearms related company with stupid legislation. Turns out leaving Colorado hasn’t hurt them.

Do you think Wyoming and Texas resent the drain on their available employment pool caused by Magpuls relocation? No, me either.

There is a sense Colorado is moving toward being a red state. For years we have been bombarded with money from George Soros type  junior leaguers and Bloomberg which tilted the state purple.

 Last election the (P)gressive challengers for GOP held congressional seats were soundly defeated despite the state GOP being a exclusive club that needs glass belly buttons to see where they are going with their head up their collective asses. While Shillary carried the state she didn’t carry Pueblo county, the most Democrat county in the state. Lots of Blue Dogs in Pueblo.
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