Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Day

Focusing on all the current events and the many challenges of life, we sometimes overlook some of life's happy events. Saw this today and it lifted my spirits. A woman with a new dog.

United Airlines Airfreight in Denver goes out of their way for dog owners with this facility. The only public restroom for the entire airfreight terminals is at United and I always need to pee. Afterwards I pull over by this facility to prepare the medical specimens for shipment, about a fifteen minute process.

This lady had just received her new pup. Scared and nervous, the beast was carried in her arms to the pet area. In the fifteen minutes I was there the dog went from scared to  playful. Warmed my old cynical heart to see the simple pleasure of the woman and her dog as they became acquainted. 

If someone wants to accuse me of being a closeted romantic I have no defense. Pets and small children? Yes, I am a sucker. 
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