Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It Is Like Deja Vu All Over Again, Yogi

Yesterday sold my 1987 Bronco II. Bought it as a backup vehicle but we need to replace another vehicle and cash from the Bronco sale will help.

The buyer came from a Craigslist advertisement.  Within two minutes of shaking hands, reverted to my car salesman persona – kind of like riding a bicycle, you ever forget. In fact, it wasn’t until later I realized what happened.

Immediately became the friendly face, sympathetic listener, eager to help, and kind of dumb. Established some common ground, both of us ranch raised. 

In my many years of selling cars I never had the need to lie to make a sale. The prospects want to buy or they wouldn’t be here. Let them buy, don’t make it hard! Ask the right questions the right way and they will talk themselves into buying. It was their idea with no pressure from the salesman. Any car mutts out there that think I'm wrong? Somewhere I have a plaque from Suzuki proclaiming me the number one salesman of Suzuki Samurais in the United States.

And then the story began. It is for his girlfriend. Seems he left her on the East Coast seven months ago to return to Colorado and find employment. Okay? About 30 years old, 5’6”, 140 lbs he told me he had been a cop and corrections officer but had to give it up because he was in twenty six fights and had two excessive force charges. Learned about his brothers and sisters and which ones had been in jail. Learned about goat dairy farming. We went on the test drive. He then consulted with family members who were waiting in one of two vehicles the crew arrived in. Made the deal and the bat shit crazy drove away with a winning grin on his face. I returned to my apartment with a wad of Benjis in my pocket.

The very best car salesman I ever knew was my old buddy, the late Dirty Al Imhoff.  He would have said, about the transaction, “You are a baad man, Tankie”.

In case there is any question, I do not, repeat do not, want to start selling cars again.

But WSF, did you make money on the deal? Hell ya, about $500 on a $1,500 sale.


  1. It's about making a profit and making them feel good about it.

    Well done, WSF.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I should say I can hard sell the ones who won't/can't make a decision.

  2. Buying anything, specially a car, off Craig's List gives me pause. Too any hurt in shootings over the money brought to the table. I have bought and sold household and kids items that way, but stay away from buying anything of large cash value. I might have to shoot some punk trying to rip me off.

    1. Locally the police departments suggest using their parking lots. They won't have an officer standing by but you can call ahead to their general information line and tell them.

      When I look at vehicles, or anything more than a few dollars, I never have the cash with me to buy it. I always let the seller know that before I arrive. They don't like it? Oh, well. After we reach an agreement then I go get the cash and we meet in some very public place, like the police station parking lot.

  3. Well done! And I'm sure you had 'backup' if needed...