Friday, December 30, 2016


This is the time of year my mail box starts filling with calendars, personal return address labels and other unsolicited trivia from organizations purported to be charities.

First question that comes to mind is, how did they get my name and address? Did the D.A.V or American Legion sell it along with all other donor’s information? Were their records hacked?

Many charities are out and out scams.

Then the question is, how much goes to those in need after all the expenses of the fund raising?

Some worthwhile charities with good reputations seem to be taken over and lose their focus. Military Order of The Purple Heart?
Some don’t just focus on the needs of the people they are supposedly helping but have social/political agendas. Wounded Warriors? Some do get my pennies. Soldier’s Angels.

Circa 1970’s my now ex wife and other parents founded a chapter of the National Autism Association in the Seattle area. The focus was on helping families with autistic children cope. A few years later we founders were ousted in a coup and the chapter became a fund raiser for the professionals at the University of Washington to fund their various studies.

Today I always say “Yes” when asked to “round up” at my local grocery store for the food bank. As far as I know most of what is raised does provide food.

Occasionally when I know of good people struggling I will buy durable food staples and leave a few sacks on their doorstep, or in the bed of their pickup,  and then walk away.

Have you ever watched someone, usually a young mother, counting her change before going in and prepaying for gasoline? Ever walk over and swipe you credit card at her pump and fill her tank? That is giving with a purpose.
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