Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sloppy Editors and Writers: A Rant

Driving a 500 miles route three days a week, I find audio books make the day go by faster and help keep me alert.

Recently I started one by a major author and by the second disc boxed it up and took it back to the library. A minor character was a former Army Corpsman. Damnit, the Army has Medics and the Navy Corpsman. Sloppy, and I found myself listening for more mistakes rather than becoming immersed in the narrative.

Some readers of this blog have read books by Jim Curtis and Peter Grant. With great narratives their books also have meticulously researched details. Next on my order list is Larry Lambert’s books. My guess is attention to all details will be found.

If one wants to pick a hugely popular author, consider Patricia Cornwell. If she is writing about something involving SCUBA, she gets or renews her certification. Rifles? She goes and trains until she understands what skills are required. 

I have no aspirations to becoming a writer beyond this blog. Why? I’m too damn lazy and undisciplined even assuming I have the necessary vision. My ex-wife, who is talented, once met and talked to J.J. Jance seeking some insight. Her feelings  were hurt by Jance’s use of a four letter word.


Am I being too harsh and judgmental? Probably.
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