Friday, October 7, 2011

FEMA Prison Camp Voucher

WARNING: Long Rant

December 2008 was the start of this blog.

To date, there have been 299 postings. Number 300 must be, to the best of my ability, memorable. Should I not already be on numerous shit lists, this should put me over the top. Or not; maybe I’m flattering myself and am not, in the overall scheme of things, important enough to notice! Just a trivial, bitter, clinger living in a flyover state.

The Lightbringer, he of the most transparent administration, seems determined to use class warfare to get reelected. This may well work because it has a huge amount of truth to draw upon. Set aside for a moment, his ethical lapses, flip flops, Chicago style politics, etc., please, and look at the target, the financial industry. (We will ignore the money he has taken, and continues to take, from them).

Under George W. Bush, we citizens got royally fucked. The principal regulatory agency, FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp) staff was reduced from 21,000 to 6,000.

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The FDIC wasn’t alone. One trick to gut a regulatory agency is to not fund portions of their operations.

Now I know we are over regulated, yada, yada, but the Great Depression was caused, in large part, by crooked bankers. I maintain the bulk of all regulations in this country STARTED in response to crooked dealings. Once in place, the self generating and self sustaining interests of the administrative staff starts distorting things.

The Bush family are no strangers to financial shenanigans. Ever hear of the Savings and Loan mess, circa 1980-1990?

Some say George W. Bush was the most scandalous president ever. Stiff competition there. For those who have the time, 400 scandals from his administration are here.

I’m Colorado country. Damn all sleazy Texas slickers!

Now along comes the Tea Party. Great stuff! Then comes the money folks. Congresscritters elected with the help of the Tea Party activists slide over to Grover Norquist. Who elected this asshat? Not you and I. He works for the moneyed interests, not you and I. Still, look at all the newby politicians breaking a leg to get in line to sign the pledge (and get the money). Oh, WSF, you exaggerate. Really, about Jack Abramoff’s old buddy? Fuck me running!

Colorado produced one politician I greatly admire, Ken Gordon. I certainly don’t agree with all of his politics. I certainly think he is honest, courageous, and will stand by his principals and promises. He has some advice to those who aspire to public office.

He lost his last two tries. I think most voters said, “Yeah, boy, Go! Go! Go!” then voted for Rudy Russo.

Rudy Russo, Kurt Russell’s character from my favorite movie, USED CARS, explaining to his boss why he wanted to be in politics (sorry, no YouTube):

There's an opening for state senate. The machine's looking for a fresh face, somebody with no axes to grind - - who wants to tell the people what they want to hear. They're looking for me! I talked to the party chairman last week. Sixty grand buys me the nomination.

Sixty grand, huh? That's all it takes nowadays?

No, that's like a down payment. Once I’m in, i go fifty-fifty on all the graft i take in. Politics, luke!

In total sincerity, I ask if there is anyone in Congress that would stand up to Gordon’s criteria?

Let us look at another grenade with the pin pulled, Social Security. First, be clear that FDR and the Democrats DID NOT CREATE SOCIAL SECURITY! The Republican Party created Social Security and shoved it down FDR’s throat. LBJ raided Social Security to pay for the Vietnam War.

He got away with it and his model has been used to raid trust funds every since. There are your crumbling infrastructures, your antiquated air traffic control system, etc., as a result.

George W. wasn’t the first to suggest privatizing Social Security. That towering figure of moral principals, Bill Clinton, floated the idea. So far, it hasn’t happened. Some in the financial world are saying, “Damn, there goes the second Beaver Creek trophy house!”

Another grenade with the pin pulled, the Post Office. Turns out the Post Office is really in the black. The revenue produced is misused.

Do any of you see a parallel between the Wall Street protesters and the Vietnam War protesters? Is this the left’s Tea Party? Good to see Oath Keepers and others getting involved in trying to reach out to the protestors and not try to marginalize them as hippies, etc. Now, the protestors aren’t sure what they want but they are sure their country’s financial institutions, most assuredly including the Federal Reserve, has been fucking them and their parents forever. Don’t discount the impact they can have on this country.

Those of us old enough to have come of age in the Vietnam era know this country was changed by protestors. Many of those same protestors are now in the Obama Administration.

Back to the upcoming election. The Lightbringer has a huge war chest and a solid target. Things will get interesting.

What am I personally going to do? Not join any “woe is me” pity parties. Will do what I always do. Work the local political structure and keep pushing my views. Donate a little money, here and there.

OK, WSF, is there anyone you like? I liked and voted for Gerald Ford. For a time, I was a John Edwards supporter - appealed to the Populist side of me. (As did a lady who was a huge Edwards fan. Politics does make bed fellows. Yes, I‘ve low standards). Today’s group? Megh.

Thank you, should you have persevered this far with this rant. STAT counters tell me many people look at my blog from all over the world. I thank each and everyone of you. I write this for me, some family members, and a few friends. If you enjoy it, or are outraged, etc., thank you for reading.

The photo? Look which hand is “over the heart”. Photoshoped? Damn good job of changing the suit buttons and wedding rings!


Unknown said...

This. Yes, this. This is the heart of it all; it encompasses and overrides every damn petty issue the parties use against each other. If you listed each one individually, it would take a month to read, and NONE OF THEM MATTER!!! What matters is that at least 99% of elected officials are corrupt, in that they either don't have principles or they sacrifice their principles in favor of the people who put and keep them in office. And I don't mean the voters.

There are two ways to stop this or at least slow it down. One involves numerous things that go 'boom,' and the other is to vote them out. Over and over again.

Every last one of has a choice to make:
1. Violent overthrow
2. Votes
3. Status quo

There is no fourth option, and we all live with the consequences.

Bravo! Keep pissin' people off!

Old NFO said...

Yep, you hit a home run with this one! And I truly hop that is photoshopped... but I'm not sure???

Well Seasoned Fool said...


Thank you for your positive comments!