Saturday, October 17, 2009

Damn Pilgrims - Winter Driving

We are approaching the season of local frustration with our flatlander visitors and recent arrivals driving in our winter wonderland. Here is your first tip; GET OUT OF THE WAY! Stay in the right lane, use pullouts, and know your limitations. Locals have the tires, the experience and the need to get to jobs, day care, etc. Enjoy your experience, be safe, but have some consideration. If your safe speed is 30 mph, the truck in front of you is doing 28 mph, then you DO NOT need to pass him when the safe speed for the locals is 50 mph in the left hand lane. KEEP RIGHT!

Your second tip is this: Don't drive in a blizzard if you have never done it before. I-80 across Western Nebraska and Wyoming is a killer in a blizzard.

Your third tip is this: When your fuel gauge is on one half, you are empty. Don't pass a fuel stop if your tank is at one half or below. Avalanche and wrecks can leave you parked for hours in the middle of nowhere.

I imagine this whole rant is a waste of bandwidth but it makes me feel better.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you supposed to mellow with age?


Texas Ghostrider said...

Thanks for the tips, but there is one tip you left out, Stay in the flat lands. lol I don't know how to drive in the snow and ice and I have no plans to learn. If I come to visit I guess you will do the driving.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

TG Good ideas. Colorado tow truck drivers make a large part of their living towing flatlander vehicles.

I like driving in Texas. Good roads and decent drivers. One drive that wasn't fun was from Gainesville to Grand Prairie going thru Dallas at 5 PM.

Pens Of The abyss said...

Last year when i was in lubbock for a week. They had the main highway running through town closed off and you every body in town had to use the frontage roads.. I could hardly get any thing done in that city.

FDIL said...

One more tip you left out: Just because you have a 4x4 doesn't mean you own the road or know how to drive in the snow!
Just think... another 4 weeks and we'll be back among the idiots!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

M Your point would be?

FDIL Let's see. You have a 4x4...hmmm...

396fire You just need to stau out of those Texas floods.