Friday, February 17, 2017

Leftists vs Tea Party Comparisons

The (P)regressives are now employing the tactics they deplored when the Tea Party Patriots used them. Plus, they are bragging about it.

There are some differences. Paid protesters?

A picture is worth what?

Astroturf vs grass roots?

Ah, probably preaching to the choir.


  1. I'm not a card-toting Tea Party member (if they have cards), but I proudly support many, but not all, of their beliefs.

    1. It is good not to be a ditto head and do your own thinking.

  2. I was part of the Tea Party movement, attended rallies, picked up my trash, etc. My daughter, Emilie was interviewed on NBC because she was a cute girl holding a sign. Since she was coherent, the interview never made it on the air.

    The Tea Party was not a political party. We were people who were tired of being dry-(and some times wet)-humped by Washington politicians. There was nothing racial or religious. People took time off work, and tried to send a message.

    Nasty Pelosi and others called us fake because we were bathed, groomed, and didn't behave like the savages she's accustomed to.

    1. Most of the CA insanity is South of I-80 and North of I-15, IMO

  3. The left is doing what I would do, if I were a brain damaged pinko: copy the Tea Party behavior.

    The Tea Party handed the GOP their House and Senate gavels. Quite a lot of Tea Party folk handed Donald Trump the White House. The Dems saw this. And the commie pinko left Democrats want to emulate these results, who wouldn't?

    So what do they do? They gather in big mobs, just like the Tea Party. They leave their garbage and detritus everywhere after the event, just like the Tea Party. They cash their checks from the organizers of their mobs, just like the Tea Party. (yes, I know, the Tea Party is not as described above, but the Dems don't seem to get that).

    Now that they have done all of that, they simply have to sit back and wait for the desired results.

    They may have to wait quite awhile, though.